Investing and Wealth Management

For most people, wealth in itself is not a final destination.  It's just the vehicle.  So where exactly do you want to go?

When we ask that simple question, it begins a detailed process of digging, dreaming, and defining.  With our guidance, the result becomes a custom strategic plan that creates the context for your long-term financial strategies. 


At Cornerstone Wealth Management, we believe that your planning and your investing must go hand-in-hand.  The caliber of the plan we create encompasses a lot.  We anticipate and answer questions like:

  • Can I leave my career and pursue other passions?
  • If I do, will my standard of living or investment profile be affected?
  • If I live to be 100 or beyond, will I have enough money?
  • If the market experiences a significant pullback, will I have enough money?
  • How do I keep taxes from taking a big bite out my assets today and tomorrow?
  • Will my family be OK if I pass unexpectedly?  Become disabled?
  • How will I fund my kid's education?
  • How can I best transfer my wealth to the next generation?

Your plan should combine the professional expertise of our managers as well as your outside accountants, tax planners, and estate attorneys.  When done correctly, your comprehensive planning will provide the structure for every financial decision you make.